Coffindo Pekanbaru and Backpacker Community Charity


Coffindo Pekanbaru has successfully conducted “To Give Support the school’s books and stationery” for It's CSR program

For Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) program, Coffindo Pekanbaru has successfully conducted “To Give Support the school’s books and stationery”. The gifts were distributed to the childrens in Panti Asuhan Nur Illahi, Pasir Putih.

In this occasion, Coffindo Pekanbaru has cooperated with Backpacker Community Pekanbaru as a local community to connect between the Coffindo team and Panti Asuhan Nur illahi. Backpacker Community Pekanbaru known as a community that like doing some advanture in nature and also routinely held social activities. CoffindoPekanbaru supported this charity event to giving books and stationery for the childrens.

Because it’s Month of Ramadan, We considered it’s very appropriate for holding social events. This activity is very well executed. We started at 03 pm and attended by friends from backpacker community, Indosat and Coffindo. This event’s started with recitation from the Quran, and then continued with the speech of the chairman of the committee.

Our fun things doesn’t stop there, the event continued with the distribution 36 of gifts from Coffindo that represented by several children of Panti Asuhan Nur Illahi. The event more cheerful because it’s filled with games and Sufi dance performance. Our laughter is often encountered in this event.  After a series of events finished, We went for iftar and doing prayer together.

CSR program is running well, and hopefully what we provide for these children can be useful to support learning activities in schools. We also hope that through this program, Coffindo could bring the goodness to the whole elements in society.