Coffindo Cares For Education in Dairi - Pakpak Bharat, North Sumatera.


Coffindo Branch Office Medan held Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity in Dairi - Pakpak Bharat, North Sumatera.

Coffindo is a multinational company that involved in trading and exports since 1999. This company has already owned coffee plantations in several coffee producer areas in Indonesia. One of the plantations is located in Dairi - Pak-pak Bharat, North Sumatra. In 2013, Coffindo Medan branch office has held Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity on behalf of the name “Coffindo Foundation”.

This activity was held on March 27th, 2013 and was executed in three schools of Siempat Rube region, including: SDN 030430, SDN 034816 and SMPN 2 Satu Atap.

The main purpose of this activity is to build awareness of education in Indonesia. As we all know, education is the main asset to transfering the knowledge through generations and developing the country as well as preparing the Nation’s readiness to entering the huge competition in globalization era.

This activity was attended by all of students and school staffs, several local officials and Mr. Maryadi as the representative of Coffindo.  All students sang “Indonesia Raya” in the beginning of the event, and then each of headmasters gave appreciation speech to Coffindo.

Through this activity, Coffindo has given donation in form of 345 school uniforms for all students. Hopefully, this activity would be useful for the entire students and inspire each other to keep on giving and support education development in Indonesia.