Coffindo Proactive in Replanting Java Coffee


On April 7, 2013 Coffindo branch office Surabaya doing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, in Jambuwer village, Kepanjen city.

Coffindo is a company that involved in trading and export since 1999. This company has already owned 2 branches in abroad and 7 branch office in local, one of them in Surabaya. The development of company that increase followed by company responsibility even for the customer and the environment. In 2013, Coffindo branch office Surabaya doing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity with the theme “Build Farmer Family a Bright and Prosperous”. 

This activity held on 7th April 2013. In which located in Jambuwer village, Kromengan region, Kepanjen city, the event will start from 10am until 5pm West Indonesia Time (WIT). This activity will divide into three main activities, the class for an elementary school, the presentation for an elementary school student, and the planting of 500 coffee seeds in farming land. 

This social activity is the first corporate social resposibility (CSR) doing by Coffindo branch Surabaya. The main purpose from this activity is to build Indonesia coffee farmer, especially for East Java Province as a cutting edge region of coffee product in Indonesia. 

The increasing of coffee farmer which on prosperous is very expected so that can give the best contribution to the Indonesia coffee producers especially Coffindo so it can be maintained a mutualism symbiosis for the Indonesia coffee environment. 

The event started at 10 a.m in Jambuwer Village opened by The chairman of  Jambuwer village, Mr. Tuwoh Adi and the branch manager Coffindo Surabaya Mr. M. Syafur Riza. Then, this activity divided into two activities namely a class for elementary students and a special presentation class for Jambuwer village coffee farmers. 

This activity will be run until lunch time and will be continue with the gathering activity. The social caring of Coffindo not just only given in learning material form, but the gift giving like give stationery and shoes to elementary school students in the village Jambuwer is one of activities that will be held as the national event of Coffindo.