CSR Coffindo Jakarta Branch - Environmental Care through Handicraft Workshop for Children


Coffindo Jakarta branch office has conducted CSR activity in "Yayasan Sahabat Anak", Jakarta.

Being a socially responsible company is no longer a consumer demands, but it has become a cornerstone in managing a business corporation. As one of the market leaders in Indonesia coffee industry, this point has emerge and become one of the Coffindo’s consciousnesses. Through its commitment, on Saturday (4/5/2013), Coffindo once again has held another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, together with “Yayasan Sahabat Anak Jakarta” community.

Located in Jl. Tambak II RT 06/05 No. 23 Jakarta Pusat, “Yayasan Sahabat Anak” has become a shelter for numbers of street children in Jakarta. This time, Coffindo’s CSR program had a special theme and event that was “Eco-Enviro” (Economy-Environment). What made it special was the handicraft workshop encouraging children’s creativity and skill, and coffee beans became one of the main materials to make the handicraft.

The aim of this workshop was to inspire these street children to empower their creativity and hopefully could equip them to run their creative-based business in the future. In addition, this CSR was also implemented with the mango seeds planting as an effort to educate the environmental care.

This CSR Program is a grass root movement  from Coffindo that is conducted through several provision of training, knowledge transfer, and infrastructure such as the provision of computer facilities that will hopefully be a benefit for the young minds in need. By this program, we all definitely hope for the better future to Indonesia.