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Coffindo Joined Surabaya Coffee Festivals 2014


Latte Art Competition at Surabaya Coffee Festivals was supported by Coffindo.

sby coffee festNowadays, coffee become a trend in Surabaya. This condition grow along with coffee industry which is rising rapidly in Indonesia. Furthermore, coffee is being a lifestyle of modern city. It refers to coffee shop which become a favorite meeting point of professionals and entrepreneurs. Based on that situation, Spazio, a leading importer of lighting and furniture in Surabaya, held Surabaya Coffee Festivals.

Surabaya Coffee Festivals was supported by Coffindo and KVH. This event held at Spazio on 29th – 30th August, 2014 and consist of:

1. Business Forum.

Business Forum attended by businessmen from the coffee farmers, distributors, exporters, importers, coffee shop, and horeca up to the industry. It had 2 keynote speakers, namely: Darma Santoso from My Kopi O and Richard Tjaharyanto, and 3 topics, namely:

a. Indonesia Coffee Specialty “Outlook 2015”.
b. Trends and Technology.
c. Trade and Investment.

2. Fun Coffee Class.

Fun Coffee Class presented SCAE Barista Professional, namely: Nicholas Rosenthal from France and Kensuka Vhan from Japan with the programs:

a. Introduction Coffee
b. Introduction Barista.
c. 8 Rules of Manual Espresso Brewing, and
d. Make Latte Art and Espresso.

3. Barista and Latte Art Competition.

The participants had to fight all out to get total prize IDR 15.000.000 and the first place had to battle with Guest Judges from Japan, Kensuka Vhan.

At this event, the coffee which is used for Latte Art Competition came from Coffindo. Coffindo also gave merchandise to participants at Business Forum. Through this event. we hope it could be an alternative strategy to developing businesses in the field of coffee. Thank you for joined with us!