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Yale University Students Visit


Yale University students have visited Coffindo for Comparative Study on 19th March, 2014.

Yale University students have visited Coffindo for Comparative Study on 19th March, 2014. This comparative study has held with two session. First session was about meeting. The meeting was held in AICE building and was attended by approximately 35 participants.

Coffindo was represented by M. Safii as Branch Manager, Arif Setyanto as Business Development, and Fitri Sulandari as a Marketing Supervisor. And also, AICE was represented by Mr Felix. In the meeting, Fitri Sulandari was acting as a host and first presentation was given by Mr Felix as an AICE representatives. He introduced AICE, the activities and the role of the Indonesian coffee. The second presentation was given by Mr. Safii. He explained about Coffindo and the business sectors from downstream to upstream. And next presentation was given by Arif Setyanto from Business Development. He explained about Coffindo plantation, the production, farmer, and the activities.

After the presentation finished, the host welcomed the students to give questions to the presenter. They seem quite enthusiastic in questioning the presenters. In addition, the presenters gave questions and those who could answer the questions from Mr. Safii and Arif Setyanto would be invited to have cupping session at Coffindo. There were 15 participants that would be eligible for joining cupping session for Indonesian coffee.

The next session was visit Coffindo Head Office and warehouse which is located in Jl. Inpres No. 88. All participants were required to wear masks while going in to the warehouse. All the students were guided for a tour around the warehouse and observed the coffee process. They asked about sorting machines, the ladies who did hand sorted, and etc.

To conclude the visit, the 15 participants were invited to the cupping room for having cupping session. The participants stated that admiring the coffee, specially Sumatera Peaberry. For closing the visit, we gave souvenirs to all the participants from Yale University as a symbol of gratitude for the visit to Coffindo. Thank you, Yale University.