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Mr. Irfan Anwar Served as Chairman of the AEKI Period 2016-2021


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sby coffee festCoffindo became the main sponsor in the event the general meeting of members (RUA) IX AEKI (Association of Coffee Exporters an industry Indonesia). This event took place on 10-11 March 2016 at Grand Sahid Hotel, Sudirman, Jakarta.

In this event, Coffindo using  "Coffindo Gold Espresso Special" coffee which was the house special blend from Coffindo specifically for making espresso. Equipped with a SINGLE COFFINDO group, Coffindo team provides more than 500 cup espresso-based drinks. Participants and invited guests from RUA are the majority is entrepreneurs and connoisseurs of coffee, looks really enjoy coffee from Coffindo. Starting from Black Coffee to Cappuccino is provided by a team of Coffindo continuously, and is made in accordance with the request. The toughness of machine COFFINDO SINGLE GROUP seen here. Although the requests come continuously, remain able to be served without constraint. In this occasion the Minister of industry Mr. Saleh Husein, Vice Chairman of the MPR-RI Oesman Sapta Odang BP. and AEKI Chairman elected Mr. Irfan Anwar, stop by the booth Coffindo to try coffee from PT. Coffindo.

The general meeting of members of the AEKI to IX, on of the main events was the election of the Chairman for the period 2016 - 2021. Mr. Irfan Anwar was unanimously re-election of the Chairman of the AEKI public for the period 2016-2021. Congratulations we recite to AEKI over the success of the event, as well as AEKI IX RUA congratulations served to Mr. Irfan Anwar.