History of Coffindo

We source our single-origin coffee beans only in regions of Indonesia that feature rich coffee planting traditions, and uphold long-term relationships with trusted growers.

Supported by a few hundred labors, Coffindo processes coffee beans to be exported world widely. As a successful exporter, we establish 2,621 hectare of coffee plantation in Pakpak Bharat, Dairi, North Sumatra. The plantation it self is now known as the largest coffee plantation owned by a private sector. Furthermore, beyond our modern processing plants, we employ advanced logistics infrastructure and transport to excel in coffee handling and shipping. Excellent relationship with stakeholders is to be pursued to develop our business.

Now we do upstream and downstream in coffee industry, diversifying our business across the whole value chain of coffee industry, from plantation to retail and from coffee machines to coffee shops. Here we are really pushing forward to excel as Indonesia's finest coffee source.

Coffindo was also endowed by various awards. In 2010, we were awarded as Indonesia's Best Exporter 2010. Consecutively in 2011 and 2012 our chairman was awarded as Asia Pacific's Most Outstanding Entrepreneur in 2011 and ASEAN Business Man of the Year 2012. Recently in 2013, we were honored to receive Primaniyarta Award as Superior Potential Exporter, for our 15 years experience in escalating coffee industry in Indonesia.