Coffindo Pekanbaru and SIGI Support the Homeless Children

01 Nov 2013

Continuing its Corporate Social Responsibilities Program, Coffindo Pekanbaru has successfully conducted “Giving Backpacks for Homeless Children

Continuing its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) program, Coffindo Pekanbaru has successfully conducted “Giving Backpacks for Homeless Children.” In this good opportunity, Coffindo Pekanbaru has cooperated with Sahabat Indonesia Berbagi (SIGI) as a local community to connect between the Coffindo team and the homeless children community. SIGI Pekanbaru known as a community that routinely held social activities to accommodate the children and also educate them. Coffindo Pekanbaru and SIGI were agreed to hold a CSR program by giving backpacks to support their needs.

Came up with a different concept, Coffindo Pekanbaru and SIGI has done a survey before they implement the program. We are focusing on homeless children who sell magazines and newspapers in the traffic lights. SIGI team has done a field survey to get a data collected from the quantity to their level education. The survey must be done in order to shoot the right and appropriate target.

The CSR program was successfully held on October 30th, 2013, started from 7 PM until 12 AM. The backpacks have been given to fifty (50) homeless children who spreaded out around Pekanbaru city. The program was aiming to give them attention, concern and support them for their education because sadly, those homeless children get less and less of attention from the environment. 

We hope that this kind of CSR program will always be on our company’s agenda. It will not stop now but it will always grow day by day. We also hope that through this program, Coffindo could bring the goodness to the whole elements in society.